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Explore our range of vehicle appraisal services.

Diminished Value Appraisals

Swift and accurate vehicle value assessment service.

Total Loss Appraisals

Ensures full compensation for total loss vehicles, strengthens claims.

Body Shop Collision Repair Audit

Ensures repair quality, preserving value and safety.

Actual Cash Value

Provides valuations for damaged or lost items for insurance claims and financial planning.

Loss of Use

Recovers financial losses from vehicle unavailability after accidents.

Fair Market Value

Offers precise reports for informed car selling decisions.

Charity / Donation Appraisal

Maximizes tax benefits for vehicle donations to charities.

Classic Cars, Trucks and RVs

Precise documentation for informed decisions.

Custom Cars and Specialty Vehicles

Specialized appraisals for unique vehicles, preserving their value.

Expert Court Testimony

Provides expert witnesses for legal cases, explains complex issues and reconstructs events.

GAP Insurance Appraisals

Assesses the "gap" between vehicle value and loan amount, protecting against unexpected expenses.

Claim Settlement Services

Uncovers the true value of insurance claims, preventing undercompensation.

Umpire & Mediation Services

Resolves disputes with impartial experts for complex negotiations.

Divorce and Estate Car Appraisals

Accurate and unbiased assessments for divorce and Estate proceedings.


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