Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ Section answer the most frequently asked questions of our users, however; if you’re looking to learn more about the usage of the software, please visit our Knowledge Base.
There are multiple ways to integrate your website with the reservation software backend. The easiest approach will be an iframe which will essentially create a reservation box on your website. You will be able to customize the colors and styling to make the iframe fit inside your website. In case you require more flexibility on the front-end of your website then it is also possible to integrate through our API. You can find more information about the different integration options here.
We are currently integrated with PayJunction, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize, Forte, Mollie and more. You can link your accounts through our Settings > Payment Gateways .If you require a different payment integration please contact us through our chat and we will be happy to review your request.
We are currently integrated with Quickbooks, Xero, Exact and Zoho Books. Alternatively, the system allows you to export to a .csv file.
Yes, HQ also offers website development services based on WordPress. You can read more here.
Yes, the system can be configured to set the prices by hour, day, week or month. In addition you could choose for a decreasing day rate structure. Lastly, you can set rates for additional services that you offer such as insurance, GPS, and child seats.
The trial is available in English, Spanish and Dutch by default. But if you require a different language we will activate this language for you based on the Google Translate API once you have completed your subscription.
Yes, the system automatically generates confirmation emails and you are able to customize the content and style of these emails within the Settings of the application.
Our hosting is based on your region. We have hosting options in the USA, the Netherlands (Europe) or Singapore (Asia). For security and backups please review our Security documentation.
Our hosting is based on your We guarantee 99.9% uptime . At any moment you can review our uptime performance here.
The data is owned by the customer. In any case of termination, we will provide ALL DATA to the client in a readable format such as SQL or CSV. For more information about Data Privacy please review our Privacy policy.
Yes, you can cancel every month or every year depending on the subscription you choose.

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